Study: Four out of five college students sext

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Guess how many college students are sexting? That's right, almost all of them! According to's "Healthland," a new study found that four out of five college students have participated in this exciting new form of communication, one that we like to sometimes call "sextual harassment." Said's "Healthland," 

Seventy-eight percent of students in the survey say they've received sexually suggestive messages and 56% say they have received intimate images. Two thirds of the students said they sent salacious messages. Before we call a national epidemic of Weiner-itis, we should note that 73% of texts were sent to a romantic partner. Almost like a romantic old love-letter, but shorter and with more emoticons.

And, it seems, with more staying power. Almost a fifth of the people who received the racy messages then forwarded them onto somebody else. And 10% of all the explicit messages sent were relayed without permission from the original author. (Those statistics should be put on a label and stuck on cellphones everywhere.)

Like those Surgeon General's warnings on cigarettes? But for booty calls and dick pics? Hmm, if past experience is any indicator, it'll only make sexting seem cooler, amirite guys?