Survey: Married men most likely to cheat at weddings

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According to a dating-site survey of over 2,000 men and women between the ages of twenty-five and forty-five, thirty-two percent of men said they had cheated on their partner at a wedding (when the the other half wasn't in attendance), as opposed to only twenty-seven percent being unfaithful at a bachelor party. These numbers show that women are on the wrong track in their suspicions, as thirty-seven percent of women believed that the office Christmas party was where their partner was most likely to get their unfaithful swerve on. Only eleven percent of women viewed a wedding as a golden opportunity for their worse halves to hook up.

In a not-very-profound statement, Illicit Encounters spokeswoman Rosie Freeman-Jones tells us, "There's something about being a bridesmaid which is incredibly attractive to men. Maybe by wearing a bridesmaid outfit they are advertising the fact they are available, and also at a wedding everyone is there to have a good time." Everyone is there to have a good time, and the party officially begins when the first person sufficiently liquored-up begins to do a weird dance. After that, it's a foggy blur, which is why these numbers don't surprise me.

In case you still don't get the picture, here's Ms. Freeman-Jones belaboring the obvious some more: "At a wedding all the elements are present for one-night stands to happen. Quite a bit of booze, dancing, people dressed to impress, an air of sexual electricity at the reception, and access to hotel rooms to meet in private." Yeah, weddings are basically meat-market mixers where horndogs scope out potential targets while dripping chicken-satay sauce on their ties. And they're more fertile ground for surreptitious liaisons than school reunions for example, which are responsible for only nine percent of men straying. (Smaller candidate pool, and everyone's your own age.)