Survey: more women in their forties down to have sex on first date

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A new survey in Men's Health Magazine polled women in their twenties, thirties, and forties on their sexual behavior, with  interesting results. Apparently, as women get older, they are more likely to have sex with someone on a first date, 'if there's chemistry." Only seventeen percent of women in their twenties reported they were willing to have sex on a first date, while twenty-nine percent of women in their forties were ready to hop into bed. Seems like those Sex and the City writers were right about some things.

It appears the sex just keeps getting better too: seventy percent of women in their thirties had one or more orgasms during their latest sexual encounter, while a whopping eighty-six percent of forty-somethings reportedly got off. It appears the older and more sexually experienced women become, the more willing they are to communicate what works for them and the less willing they are to buy into the societal notion that "women who put out on the first date are sluts."

So happy for you, forty-year-old ladies! I can't wait to be sexy-old.