Survey: young women find walking dogs sexier than smartphones

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dog in cell phone

A recent survey by electronics shopping site showed that women under thirty-five found walking a dog sexier than someone using a new, sophisticated smartphone. Half of men surveyed felt wielding a hip gadget increased attraction, as opposed to only thirty-six percent of women.

In another survey finding, both men and women preferred someone reading a book as opposed to brandishing an iPad. So if you can read a book while walking a dog, you're basically in. Individuals earning more than $200,000 annually were, however, found to be more attracted to other individuals with slick, digital hardware.

Sporting a Bluetooth headset was found to be more unattractive than both piercings and tattoos. And when all genders and income brackets of the over 1,000 respondents were combined, the gadgets as a whole were more off-putting than alluring to those polled. We'll see if those feelings don't change after the recent Microsoft-Nokia partnership results in the next killer app.