Swedish hotel wants to film you having sex in exchange for a free room

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I've long considered the Standard Hotel in New York one of the world's sexiest. Less because of its park-spanning architecture and trendy roof bar, and more because of its giant floor-to-ceiling windows that are notoriously filled with hotel guests having sex. However, a hotel concept in Sweden has plans to blow that level of sexiness out of the water. 

The plan — proposed by porn-maker Berth Milton Jr. — is for a series of sex-themed hotels in which patrons will be filmed having sex in exchange for a free room. The hotel will turn a profit by selling the guest-sourced porn online. 

Few details have emerged about the logistics of such an operation: would guests be screened for attractiveness? Would you have to have sex for longer to get a nicer room? What if you were staying alone? However, one thing is certain:

"It has to be a hotel for non-swingers as well — not super-explicit where everybody's running around naked," Milton said. "That takes the style and class out of it."