Swingers parties suffering under the falling economy

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Swingers parties

The porn industry felt it first… and now the economic pain is bringing down the swingers party circuit.

According to The New York Daily News, Manhattan's swingers parties are virtually deserted, as couples stay home and have sex for free with people they are meeting over Craigslist. That or, you know, the swingers fad is probably totally tapped out.

The recession has not altered most swinging venues' standard event admission of $110 to $150 a couple and $50 or less for single females. Roaming venues' tickets flex with the location of their parties. Premiere events like those at spas or East Hampton mansions go for $300 a couple. Majority of venues don't admit single men because they want to cultivate a more female-friendly atmosphere. [NYDN]

They charge female singles $50? No wonder no one shows up at these things! Most successful swingers clubs beg single females to show up, often luring them in with specials or by promises to ban single men from showing up or even attending at all.