Tanzania sex-ed murals urge passersby to stop checking out each others’ asses

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Tanzanian sex-education murals

Murals are often used in Tanzania as a form of cheap advertising, but a new series of murals, painted outside of all-girls secondary school Jangwani in Dar Es Salaam, is using public art as a way to convey a safe sex message to students and citizens. The murals express a number of different messages, many of which relate questionably well to the illustrations.

Many of the murals focus on important health issues, promoting AIDS education in schools and stopping the practice of female genital mutilation, but many also have a more moralistic bent. Among some of the better depictions are “Avoid hidden environments,” in which a girl denies the advances of a gentleman beckoning to her from a roofless, dilapidated shack, “Be satisfied with what you have,” in which a man walking arm-in-arm with his lady friend leers at another woman’s luscious and bountiful ass, and one of a young girl refusing a proposition by “Fataki,” a fictional Tanzanian sugar-daddy.

I’m all for halting female genital mutilation and for promoting AIDS education in Tanzanian schools, but, take it from me, there’s nothing wrong with a little cross-generational lovemaking.