Teachers allegedly fired over sex-toy party dispute

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colorful dildos on a table

It's amazing what goes on at high schools after-hours these days. Three Texas teachers claim they were fired after complaining about a sex toy party that occured on school grounds. Deanna Allen, Janice Mireles and Rosalinda Padilla, who taught high school and junior high-level classes at the small Gabriel Tafolla Academy, a charter school in Uvalde are suing and seeking damages for alleged loss of income, mental anguish and damage to their reputation. Wait, sex toys can bring about mental anguish? We've only heard of them relieving it. 

The teacher who held the sex toy parties contract was not renewed. However, in a gloriously ironic twist, Principal Deanna Kilpatrick who participated in such events and even kept some of the items she purchased in her office (giving a whole new meaning to getting sent to the principal's office) has been promoted to Superintendent. 

San Antonio attorney Edward Piña wrote in the lawsuit petition, "The handling (or mishandling) of the complaints regarding the sex toy parties on school premises was clearly a matter of public concern ” Piña also described the terminations,“unlawful, oppressive and unconstitutional.” However it also worth noting that the terminations occurred when one of the school's two campuses closed due to low student enrollment, which sounds like a more solid ground for lay offs, than, say, complaining about a dildo.