Ted Haggard is “probably what the kids call bisexual”

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Ted Haggard

Okay, everyone, brace yourselves for a serious bombshell: uber-evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, who was publicly caught in a three-year long affair with a meth dealer named Mike Jones in 2006, has (sort of) come out of the closet, telling GQ that he's “probably what the kids call bisexual.” But still, no homo: Pastor Ted explains in the interview that he only masturbated next to Jones while on meth, and never actually had "sex sex." Glad we got that one cleared up.

In the interview, Haggard, who has founded a church of his own since the scandal, further cuts his former ties to the National Association of Evangelicals and the Christian New Life Church (which he founded and has since resigned from), saying "I used to think the church was the light of the world. But I've completely lost my faith in it."