Texas city posts billboard with mugshots of convicted johns

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In a nasty case of public shaming, the city of Arlington, TX has posted a billboard with the mugshots of men convicted of buying sex. Apparently whichever city hosts the Super Bowl sees a massive uptick in prostitution, and Arlington's bracing itself for the event. Check it out:

The Arlington sting that produced these mugshots also led to a fifteen-year-old runaway working as a prostitute. So, look, we're not in favor of underage prostitution, sex slavery, whathaveyou. But public humiliation is not a very psychologically healthy way to combat people's criminal impulses. Just by way of contrast, let's take a quick look towards the Netherlands, where authorities are finally getting around to taxing prostitution… and prostitutes, civilly, agree that they should be taxed. Criminalizing sex: a great way to create more crime.