Texas law would make underage sexting a crime

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Texas is notorious for doing things backwards when it comes to sex. Metaphorically, at least. Actually "doing things backwards" was illegal in the state until the mid '90s — and it's still frowned upon. Today, the state is back in the news for a proposed law that would make sexting a misdemeanor for minors

This is relevant for several reasons. Firstly, a pretty annoying portmanteau has officially entered the law books. More importantly, any effort towards criminalizing sexual activity among minors seems out of line. I mean, it's not new that teenagers are showing each other their boobs. It's just new that teenagers are using their cell phones to do it.  Sexting — if it's voluntary and among two kids with no grown-ups involved — is normal, healthy, and in slightly poor taste. Like Hot Topic and Jamba Juice. 

And while we're on the subject — Texas is one of the staunchest "abstinence-only" states. Which opens an interesting can of worms. How can you make teen sexuality illegal, when you're trying to pretend it doesn't exist?