Brett Favre sexting scandal comes to an end with light fine from ‘sexist’ NFL

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Looks like Brett Favre will be getting off easy for his role in the penis-picture scandal of the year. His superiors (in rank, if not age) at the NFL are fining Favre a (relatively) mere $50,000 "for not fully cooperating in its investigation into lewd text messages and graphic photos he allegedly sent to Jenn Sterger."

But Sterger thinks that a forty-something who sends coworkers pictures of his penis deserves further punishment. Her lawyer released a statement which said that,

"Today’s decision is an affront to all females and shows once again that, despite tough talk, the NFL remains the good old boys’ league."

Sterger and her lawyer "strongly disagree" with the NFL claim that there was "insufficient evidence" of Favre's involvement in the scandal. Frankly, anyone who knows how to spell "Deadspin" would have to strongly agree with her party, and most have called for the quarterback to be at least suspended.

Let this be a lesson to superstar jocks everywhere: you never have to grow up if you don't want to.