The gay Archie character is getting married

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Kevin Keller, the gay teen who only recently made his debut in Archie Comics, is a hit. After having transferred to Riverdale High last year, Keller's become a fan favorite, and there've only been seven canceled subscriptions since then. And, in Dan Savage's words, it gets better: Kevin's getting married! And also, he might become America's first openly gay president? This will all go down in that new Kevin-centric mini-series, of which one issue already has a cover:


Lots going here: Keller is not only seen at a podium backed by the official White House seal but also in the military. Looks like optimistic writer-artist Dan Parent sees some big change in the future. As he told the New York Times,  “He’s going to be the class president. [But] even the most popular kids are not popular with everybody. There’s some adversity he’ll have to deal with."

The article then went back to the good things:

Readers will also get a glimpse into Kevin’s adulthood thanks to a continuing married life story line in Life With Archie, which shows that famous redhead’s life on two paths: one in which he married Betty, the other in which he married Veronica. In early 2012 that story line will feature Kevin’s marriage.  “We needed to figure out how to get Kevin into that book and, frankly, not sidestep the issue,” [co-chief executive of Archie Comics Jon] Goldwater said. “It deals with the fact that he’s a gay man and has gay relationships.”

And you know what that means: Archie Comics will have two openly gay characters. But does this mean there'll be a new total of fourteen cancelations? Stay tuned!