The most interesting people on Nerve: chicken coops, one-legged yoga, and term papers

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Forget that chump who shills Dos Equis — you're the most interesting people in the world. We took a look at what Nerve Dating members got up to this week, and it turns out you're an eclectic bunch. Every time you go to Nerve Dating, you answer the question, "What did you do last night?" Here are our favorite answers this week.

Most Vivid and Occasionally Disturbing Imagery Award:

• "Drowned in the fury of this term paper, which will be washed ashore by a final later tonight."
• "Scary night, I slept using my Bible as a pillow."
• "Turned in my Master's thesis. Drank some beers. Cried my eyes out. Woke up happy."

Communing with Nature/Self/Antique Ephemera Award:

• "Found some Moroccan house paints and a 1920s music sheet to play with."
• "Did one-legged yoga. Which means I'm calm as a mill-pond on one side of my body. And a gibbering wreck on the other."
• "Took a walk in the rain."

Most Country Music Lyrics-Resembling Award:

• "Just returned from a weekend in the woods of Vermont. Day drinks in a place where no one can judge, perfect."
• "Hit up a local-yokel bar in Paradise post Donkey Derby. The most honky-tonk day I've spent in awhile."
• "Made plans to build a moveable chicken coop and run."

Surprisingly Endearing Quirkiness Award:

• "Told variations of the same joke for two hours. It was very Seinfeld."
• "Evaluated my existential existence. I determined that I was redundant."
• "Unpacked some new camping gear. I'm really, really looking forward to sitting by myself in the desert for two weeks."

And there you have it. Keep being your fascinating self and keep checking in at Nerve Dating. If you're lucky, you might just find someone to fall asleep to audiobooks with.