The most interesting people on Nerve: helicopter pilots, neo-pagans, and Chris Isaak

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Hey. You. You did it. You're the best around. You are the tops, the most, the biggest and baddest and so many other superlatives I can't even cram them into a sentence because they'll blow your mind. And you did it with your characteristic aplomb and charm and you made it look so easy.

Well done. 

And do you know what's better than your various achievements and activities, so rich and varied as to be literally unbelievable? You're not alone. You are surrounded by a veritable cabal of awesome people who know how to seize life and shake it by the lapels. And they're on Nerve.

Every time you log in to Nerve, you're asked "What did you do last night?" And judging by some of the check-ins we've received, you guys have done a lot. Here are some of our favorites.

Most Rigorous Self-Examination:

• "The size and frequency of the coffees I'm consuming is increasing at an alarming rate. Should I be concerned?"
• "There are only two questions worth asking. Why are we here? And what do we do about it?

Most Quintessentially New York:

• "Finally joined the co-op. Not gonna lie — I'm mostly in it for their extensive selection of sorbet."
• "Stumbled across the Hudson River Pageant this afternoon. A joyful, neo-pagan, Satyricon-like spectacle."
• "Thinking about how I haven't been to Yankee Stadium this season. Shame on me."

Best Advice Re: Art Dealers:

• "Took my art dealer out for drinks. Because it's important that one keep their art dealer happy and a little drunk."

Most Random but Completely Badass Check-ins:

• "Filmed Miami out of a helicopter all day."
• "Officiated a wedding. Rocked it."

Best Mashup of Chris Isaak and Journey:

• "Figured out 'Wicked Game' on guitar. Accidentally — I was trying to play Journey's 'Separate Ways.'"

Best Mother's Day Check-In

• "Took my mother out for Mother's Day dinner. She had a steak and two glasses of wine. Not bad for an eighty-four-year-old."