The most interesting people on Nerve: Rennaissance Faires, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Martha Stewart fantasies

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We can't thank you enough. Yes, you. You and your fellow Nerve members are the rays of sunlight in our otherwise drab existences. Without you we'd have nothing to occupy our lives but the latest episode of The Bachelorette. Thankfully, your weekly tales of adventures and derring-do make for a way more fulfilling use of our time. Every time you log in to Nerve, you're asked "What did you do last night?" Here are some of our favorite answers this week.

Most Admirably Underachieving:
• "Sat on a porch in baby pool drinking beer."
• "In my PJs watching TED Talks."
• "Still alive after having gone on a brisket binge."

Most Likely to Play as a Level 85 Night Elf Mage:
• "About to have a Justice League marathon!"
• "Looks like tomorrow's going to be a great Renn Faire day. Really looking forward to it! (And not just because, yay, excuse to wear corset!)"
• "Dear Penthouse Letters, I played Settlers of Catan with lesbians."

Most Resembling a Line in a Cormac McCarthy Novel:
• "Last night I listened to Aerocalexico on a dark suburban highway."
• "Swam in the reservoir; the dog followed me like a shiny black fish."
• "Moved from a cube to an office. I'm going places."

Future The Smoking Gun Article Award:
• "Took potentially incriminating pictures of Neil Gaiman."
• "I have often wondered what a bare bottomed spanking from Martha Stewart would be like."

Unabashedly Swimming Against the Critical Tide:
• "Did begin book # 3 of Fifty Shades. Such a great trilogy!"
• "Was delighted to watch Scent of a Woman — one of many of Al Pacino's master performances."
• "Driving home today, I found myself listening to Night Ranger, Dawn Patrol. That was a really good album."