Time magazine’s new cover about over-mothering cannot be unseen

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Fear not, Time hasn't taken the route of shock sites from the deep web and released this cover (a three-year-old boy suckling on the breast of his mother, in case you're reading this aloud to your coworkers) to make us angry, but rather to raise questions about "Attachment Parenting."

Attachment parenting involves long-term breast-feeding, sleeping with your child for an extended period of time, and "baby wearing," where your infant is literally attached to you. (You hear that, chihuahuas-in-pink-purses? You're officially outdated.) Now, typically, a child is supposed to be weaned off breast-feeding after a year or two — anything after that falls under the category of "extended," or "spooky-weird." A quick internet search on the subject led me to some pretty heinous results. Of course, after I turned on SafeSearch, I found some less heinous results — as it turns out, breast milk is nutritious, improves dental health, raises your I.Q., and is a natural immune system booster. The more you know.

Contrary to what I thought I'd find on the internet, some of the only harmful side-effects are weird sideways glances and that pesky stigma… especially if you practice super-duper-extended breast-feeding and let your eight-year-olds suckle away.

Really, this just seems to be the latest over-analyzed trend in parenting. Just as the whole Tiger Mom thing was in the news a while back, "attachment parenting" is going to be buzzy for a little while, and then it'll disappear. That said, that picture still can't be unseen. Weirdest boner ever.