The pill might attract women to girlier men

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Disheartening news for the manly, non-baby-wanting men of the world: research indicates that women taking birth-control pills are thrown off their normal patterns of sexual attraction when fertile, and instead of gravitating toward their traditional choice of burly men with "masculine" features, cozy up to their girly-men counterparts. Something about the hormonal shift caused by the pill (and other similar hormonal contraceptives) apparently makes "less-masculine men seem more attractive."

The way I see it, these findings really mean two things. Firstly, that we can expect a lot of essays over the next few weeks telling us in excruciating detail what this might mean for the world of modern dating. Secondly, science may have stumbled on the most compelling possible explanation yet for the Arnold Schwarzenegger-Maria Shriver split. Stay tuned.