Thirty-five years later, Roman Polanski apologizes

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Almost thirty-five years after the fact, Roman Polanski has issued his first public apology to his then-thirteen-year-old sexual assault victim, Samantha Geimer. In a new documentary Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir, he tells his friend Andrew Braunsberg that Geimer "is a double victim: my victim and a victim of the press." 

That seems like sort of a "meh" admission of guilt, but I guess it's something. For her part, Geimer already accepted a private apology from Polanski back in 2009, and has since said that the ensuing legal battles and media attention have been more traumatic than the actual assault. 

The documentary, which which more or less consists of an extended conversation between Polanski and Braunsberg, premiered at the Zurich Film Festival, where Polanski also accepted a lifetime achievement award two years after it was originally awarded. The director was prevented from collecting the award in 2009, when he was arrested while trying to enter Switzerland. 

"Better late than never," he said in his acceptance speech, adding, "It's a strange anniversary for me." Yeah, having a hard time feeling all that bad for him on this one — I can think of worse fates than having to accept an award two years late. You know, like being drugged and raped as an adolescent.