This Week In Sex: Jessica Alba makes it three in a row

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Cheerleaders in Bridgeport

As if you didn't hate Wal-Mart enough already (well, don't you?), they're now selling Chased by an Elephant, the Gospel Truth about Today’s Stampeding Sexuality, which has something to do with how the author's young son conquered those awful gay demons.

The Brett Favre text-and-voicemails seduction scandal got more interesting with the release of the voicemails — and the dick pics.

Porn star and activist Nina Hartley is now Dr. Nina Hartley to you after being awarded an honorary doctorate from a sexy sex institute.

It's no surprise that nude photos of Joe DiMaggio and other baseball players have appeared online recently: back then, they had never heard of internet picture leaks.

Maybe something good will come of the recent, horrible news involving bullied students: a Christian group has publicly pulled out of an anti-gay event because it "has become too divisive and confrontational."

You've probably seen the ads for Tamara Drewe on this site recently: now check out that movie's star, Gemma Arterton, in a recent sex scene from a movie in which she turns the tables on her kidnappers. 

The Bleacher Report has a great set of some of the sexy nude photos from the 2010 ESPN Magazine Body Issue, Jessica Alba has made our weeks with three consecutive photo shoots — this time thanks to GQ UK. That, plus Anna Kendrick working it for Flaunt, Diora Baird in FHM, Olivia Munn in Australia for some reason and a surprise guest topless star at the very end of this week's photo roundup. Enjoy. Also, the state of Connecticut wants to know: are the cheerleading uniforms seen above too "revealing"?

Esther Vergeer wheelchair tennis naked ESPN The Body

Jessica Alba GQ UK

Jessica Alba sexy GQ photos

Anna Kendrick sexy for Flaunt

Diora Baird FHM photo shoot sexy

Olivia Munn FHM

And one more, just for the ladies… a 48-year-old topless celebrity… you love it.

Tom Cruise at 48 topless