This Week In Sex: Rosario Dawson looks hotter than ever

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Christina Hendricks sexy

The publisher of the Indonesian edition of Playboy is on trial once again, dissed as a "moral terrorist" even though his magazine is nudity-free.

There's a virtual sex app out now in which you can interact with sexy models "willing to do anything" over the phone (with video) for $5 per minute.

Planned Parenthood is sponsoring a campaign to make birth control pills no-cost. See the petition and maybe consider signing it, will you?

A headline we saw coming a mile away: "100 drunk women fight over one male stripper dressed as a cop. Four squad cars full of fresh bait respond"

Carl Paladino's nephew, who is openly gay, quit his uncle's Gubernatorial campaign over all those gay remarks this week. “Obviously, I’m very offended by his comments," he says.

"A study shows that most young men are… good at remembering whether a woman has rejected their advances. But aggressive men are worse at this."

A Palm Beach, Florida strip club has to pay a patron $650,000 after a stripper damaged his eye with her heel during a lapdance.

If you're into stories of women who give their 81-year-old mothers vibrators and then have to hear about how the old lady "ejaculated" onto the bed spread, this one's for you.

And in this week's photo roundup: Christina Hendricks for her fan site, Candice Swanepoel trying out lingerie-based Halloween costumes for Victoria's Secret, Rosario Dawson for Germany's GQ.  

Christina Hendricks leopard print dress

Christina Hendricks sexy

Christina Hendricks against a wall

Candice Swanepoel nurse outfit

Candice Swanepoel sailor suit

Candice Swanepoel

Rosario Dawson GQ

Rosario Dawson sexy in GQ

Rosario Dawson hot pics in German GQ