Tokyo may restrict depictions of sex in manga and anime


Japanese cartoons and comic books are full of weird porn, as you may have noticed. A bill in Tokyo to tighten restrictions on sex in manga and anime is expected to pass today, barring publishers from selling material depicting "sexual or pseudosexual acts that would be illegal in real life or sexual or pseudosexual acts between close relatives whose marriage would be illegal."

This is interesting because Japanese porn is full of what you might call "pseudosexual acts" that wouldn't just be illegal but probably impossible in real life. Many of same, like the notorious "shokushu goukan" or tentacle porn, were conceived to get around censorship rules that prevented the depiction of genitals. (See also "omorashi," or "bladder desperation" movies, in which women who've drunk a lot of water try not to pee. There are omorashi game shows.) It's almost like a psychological case study of how sexual repression creates strange and interesting fetishes — just, in this instance, played out on a national instead of personal scale.

The bill suggests that fetish anime and manga "could inhibit the healthy development of youth," which is probably true if you define "healthy" as "non-fetishistic." Needless to say, anime fans and producers are not happy, with ten publishing companies boycotting the upcoming Tokyo International Anime Fair. If this new batch of restrictions passes, just imagine how inventive fetishes will have to become in the greater Tokyo area.

Commentarium (6 Comments)

Dec 14 10 - 8:59pm

Poor horny Japanese people. They already can't see genitals in their porn, now they can't see kinky shit either?

Dec 15 10 - 12:52am
not say

wow lol so that gay there well be lot of ppl get mad like me lol JK i like see some porn in manga and anime but not were i go up to an girl and rap her it just the web so ppl can fuck off to lol JK just say i like anime and real porn the anime 1 help in a way lol JKJK i hop they do not missup anime or manga but they can just make it like in anime were they do not show all of it but some of the body whet out show the boob and stuff lol that what they do on movie and show on usa tv lol and lots on anime i been see lol like 100 or some thang more in my 3 year life time lol

Dec 15 10 - 2:38am

If they want to stamp out fetishes they aren't doing it properly. If you've ever seen any real (live) Japanese porn, you know that some of the stuff in there is about on level with anime/manga stuff. A personal favorite was where a Japanese man went to a vending machine in a park and bought a woman from it on his lunch break. He proceeded to take her to a bench and have sex with her while she acted inanimate. Then he came on her, cleaned himself off on her hair and threw her in a garbage can. No joke.

Dec 15 10 - 2:54am

"not say", I'm sorry, but that made no sense. What you said doesn't even count as a run on sentence, because you never finished it with a period. My brain hurts after attempting to even discern what you said. I'm sorry.

Apr 06 11 - 1:22pm

Dear Not Say,

What the fuck did I just read?

May 05 11 - 2:26am

Not the worst thing, Not the Best thing. I never really thought that the sex part of a manga/anime would make the overall story better. Yea, its romantic but oh well. Wait, no where does it say that they are going to ban nudity... huh... Well, who knows, there is always China I guess or some other country. Or best of all, the internet. Dvds are getting old anyways, Digital Download FTW