Transgender people can get married in New York now

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So, um, transgender New Yorkers can get married now. "Um" because, you know, somehow old-fashioned gay people still can't get married in a place that just has to be gayer than Iowa (which, of course, does observe same-sex marriage).

But hey, progress is being made nonetheless! New York's City Clerk office announced yesterday that it would reverse an earlier decision that barred a transgender couple in Queens from getting hitched. It's obviously an important precedent for the city; as MSNBC reported,

City Clerk Michael McSweeney told employees this week that all marriage license applicants must be treated with dignity, and that transgendered applicants only need to produce the same ID as anyone else.

[City Council Speaker Christine] Quinn said Tuesday that the decision "ensures that all New Yorkers will be treated equally, and with the dignity and respect they deserve from a government agency."

Well, not all New Yorkers, but we get the sentiment. And so do others:

“Transgender people are challenged all the time about their status as men and women,” said Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. “We applaud the City Clerk’s office for adopting this policy and for taking steps to ensure that this does not happen again.”

The names of the lovers in question weren't released, but if you're one of them, congratulations! Soak that in, because we so forgot to buy you a present.