Trend: Women seeking plastic surgery to “sculpt” their vaginas

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When I hear the word “sculpt” alongside the words “your vagina,” my heart is reasonably filled with terror. But it appears plastic surgery isn’t just for improving your nose or your bust anymore; now you can improve the aesthetics of your vagina. While full-on Brazilian waxes and vajazzling are both pretty bad, at least they are harmless and, most importantly, easily reversed. Paying a plastic surgeon to take a scalpel to your nether regions? Not so much.

Svatopluk Svoboda, a Czech plastic surgeon, reports that demand for vaginal plastic surgeries has surged in recent years. So much so that he commissioned his eighty-seven-year-old Czech painter friend to create an image of the ideal vagina that he could show to prospective patients. The artist one-upped him, creating illustrations of nearly one hundred different vaginas (apparently, all from memory) which the good doctor turned into an inch-thick book which serves both to present women with myriad vulva options and as a questionable record of the elderly artist's sexual conquests. Svoboda remarked that there isn’t much variation in what women want, with most women selecting vaginas #59 and #78 from the book. These, he reports, represent a “soft, minimalist look.” I don’t want to try to understand that mental image.