Trojan to bring “condom truck” to the streets of NYC

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Well, it seems like you really can get anything from a truck on the side of the road in New York City these days. And not even in an illegal way. Trojan Condoms will be bringing the first food truck without any food, called the "Good Vibrations truck," to this fair city, to hand out condoms and vibrating rings. (Which are kind of off-puttingly named "Twisters.") So what's the goal here, besides the obvious product promotion? The truck will also have a health educator on board, who will be interviewing the patrons about sexual health and relationships. Says the woman herself, Dr. Logan Levkoff:

The fact that it’s a "Trojan food truck" I think is going to be enough to make people say, "What on earth is that?" and draw people in. I’m hoping that broaching this conversation is going to be easier than most people anticipate, because this is really an entertaining way of having a conversation about something that is often portrayed as super clinical and scary or completely gratuitous, and this is nowhere near those two extremes.

The truck will be parked next to places like the Williamsburg Waterfront and Washington Square Park, all the better to catch the eye of the inebriated masses, before it moves on to Montauk. It sounds like a fun idea — easier access to condoms is always a good thing, and five lucky people will be winning full-on vibrators.

Of course, you might be faced with a serious dilemma: do you go to the Trojan truck in case you run into a hottie at the next bar, or do you go to the taco truck and sate the needs of your drunken stomach? Choose wisely, everyone.