U.K. grounds “mile-high club” charter flights

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The Civil Aviation Authority — England's equivalent to the U.S.'s Federal Aviation Administration — has shut down a charter-flight company offering in-flight sex to passengers, on the grounds that the service is dangerously distracting for pilots. Mile High Flights has been operating out of Gloucestershire, England, since 2008, charging around $800 for forty-minute exclusive flights on a modified Cessna fitted with a queen-sized bed. You also get champagne and strawberries.

This doesn't seem like a very good idea, does it? I mean, yes, vibrating environs, exotic locale, etc., but the whole thrill of the mile-high-club thing comes from sneaking around, right? Stealing a quickie in a cramped, semi-public place? Plus, for $800, you could actually fly to somewhere interesting and beautiful, and have sex there.