University of New Hampshire’s Sex Fair paves the way for sex positivity

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Sex fair

In the wake of the Rutgers suicide and a wave of anti-gay news in America, the University of New Hampshire's Sex Fair should offset some of the downturn in the world of sex positivity.

The organizers want everyone to know that their main goal is to present a venue for students to talk about their sexual problems and concerns… before something like the gay-sex suicide happens again. 

"We're not encouraging everyone to go out there and have sex, we just want people to realize sex is different for everyone."

Zorn said education and diversity is a major focus of the fair. Tuesday's fair at the Memorial Union Building featured informational booths about sexual assault, sexual health, transgenders, campus Christians and a display featuring sex toys and ropes.

James said people often associate sex toys with "kinkiness" and "perversion" but insisted that there's more to it. "Some of this is hard to explain but it's about trusting your partner," she said. "It's also about communication between partners and exploring a different side of yourself."

Some students responded well to James' table because they've always been curious about the toys but were too afraid to ask questions, she said.

"I feel that [the objections to the affair are] coming from a very old perspective and I feel those people should wake-up and smell the 21st century." [Fosters]

Let's hope she's right and that sex-positive fairs are the wave of the new century.

Photo via Flickr.