Update: Teacher dismissed for coming out to students gets his job back

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Seth Stambaugh

Yesterday, I mentioned the story of Seth Stambaugh, the 23-year-old Beaverton, Oregon elementary school teacher who had been removed from class for coming out of the closet to his students. Stambaugh did not have proof that his dismissal (and subsequent change of jobs) was outright discrimination, but the school district did not present an alternative scenario. With the teacher having moved on to a gig at a nearby college, it seemed that we would never know the whole story.

But after a huge media outcry (I'd like to think Nerve had something to do with it), Stambaugh met with the school district and accepted an offer to reclaim his old job teaching fourth grade. The school has not made a public comment on the firing itself, but they did release a very nice statement about the re-hiring:

Beaverton School District spokesperson Maureen Wheeler said that the district is using this incident as a learning moment. Outcomes, in addition to returning Stambaugh to his position, will include a reexamination of the district's relationships with area universities, and a system for training administrators in dealing with sensitive topics and issues.

"We recognize that we have some work to do," Wheeler said. "Our bottom line is that we want to create safe and respectful learning environments that are inclusive for everyone." [Beaverton Valley Times]

Some of you mentioned taking up arms and leading an angry revolt against people like the Beaverton School District. It's nice to see that a good, old-fashioned uproar at a blatant injustice can still right a wrong.