Utah woman wins 2010 Pole Dancing Championship

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Zoraya Judd

Zoraya Judd of Oren, Utah, beat off tiny dancers from Manila, Australia, and France to win the 2010 International Pole-Dancing Championship in Japan this week.

But Judd says there is something more important than winning the title: saving the children.

No, just kidding. She wants pole dancers to compete in the Olympics: 

Efforts are now under way to enter pole dancing into the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Pole dancers had tried to get on the schedule for London in 2012, but were too late to make a serious bid. [The Sun] 

Judd's award-winning performance hasn't hit YouTube yet, but I'm fairly certain it's the one in this clip below. Warning: the sound is absolutely deafening (and horrid) at the start of the video: