Vajazzling now possible for penises, too

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crystal tattoo

And, as you might have guessed but hoped wasn't true, the line of "stick-on crystals just for men" is called "Pejazzle." Now, you might also have guessed that this is mostly a wacky publicity stunt from the makers of Vajazzle stick-on glitter tattoos for the upper vagina area, but apparently this move was actually based on demand, as Vajazzle salons in England (another thing that exists!) report that up to forty percent of clients are male.

Pejazzle designs include "iron cross" and "red lips." So, there are a lot of questions to ask here, but mine is this: if a couple both get lips vajazzled or pejazzled, respectively, above their business, does that mean that when they do it the crystal mouths will be kissing? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and do what you will with that mental image for the rest of the day.