Vanilla Ice says he felt used by Madonna

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There's a headline I didn't expect to be writing. Vanilla Ice says that while Madonna was a great lover in 1992, he broke up with her because he found her book Sex — which featured a picture of him cavorting with a fully nude Madonna "disgusting and cheap."

According to Digital Spy, poor old Ice felt "embarrassed and ashamed" by the book; he calls it "a porno," which makes him the second public figure in recent months to criticize the eighteen-year-old volume, after Isabella Rossellini called it "moralistic" in an interview with Out magazine. This almost makes me feel sorry for Vanilla Ice; the thought of a young and ingenuous Robert Van Winkle (twenty-four at the time) feeling exploited by his older, more experienced, more business-savvy girlfriend is pretty sad all around. Still, it's clear who won that breakup. More on this to follow never.