Video assures homophobic teen bullies “It Gets Worse”

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The "It Gets Better" video campaign has been getting some amazing participation. After the original video by Dan Savage and his boyfriend, there have been installments by Tim Gunn, Anderson Cooper, Ellen, Neil Patrick Harris, and lots of others. Apparently, the campaign has also made some young homophobes feel left out.

A DailyMotion user called FirstLastName has come to their aid with a video called "It Gets Worse."

I just want to say to other kids like me out there…it gets worse. It's been about a decade since high school now. I am the manager — assistant manager — at the Foot Locker — uh, Lady Foot Locker. Night Manager. Uh, it's not going exactly as I planned. I kinda assumed I'd be, like, a famous athlete at this point. That didn't really pan out… I know high school can be great. I know junior high school can be amazing… The older you get, it gets worse.

The video — which is an obvious parody (those Miller Lites in the background are a nice touch) — is nonetheless a poignant addition to the campaign, especially considering that there are still homophobes out there, like New York gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino, who doesn't have the excuse of being a fourteen-year old.