College student launches “Walk of Shame Shuttle” the morning after Valentine’s Day

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Being single on Valentines Day doesn't have to be tragic, but it can lead to some tragic single behavior. Which is why one University of Michigan student launched the Walk of Shame Shuttle just in time for the morning after V-Day.

The shuttle picks up hung-over students for just five bucks, and promises to get them anywhere within Ann Arbor. But the entrepreneur, UMich senior Kellyann Wargo, doesn't stop there. She also throws in a complementary high five, a water bottle, and a coupon for Plan B. Sounds like a pretty good deal, which has always busy Michigan taxi drivers worried. "If friends are willing to pick up other friends by having a shuttle ride — that will take away from our business, of course," a local taxi operator told The Michigan Daily.

Jalopnik interviewed Wargo, who happens to be a pretty cute redhead. Asked if she would use her own shuttle service, Wargo replied "I am sitting here in a tie-dye sweatshirt answering business e-mails, pissed off I had to pause The Bachelor on my computer to go to class. It's not that I am avoiding a walk of shame — I would gladly do a marathon of shame. Those instances just manage to escape me."

We don't believe it for a minute, Wargo. But while you're busy, mind bringing this operation to New York?