Watch: A cocktail-by-cocktail guide to dating

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cocktail shaking woman Allison

For most of us, drinking and dating go hand-in-hand — whether that's the drinking you do on your first date, or the drinking you do to forget about a final date. Whatever the case may be, it's good to be prepared. 

A few months ago, Allison Dedianko was a bartender at Madame Geneva's in New York who entered an online video competition for Belvedere vodka (with this totally charming video). And she won. Now, she's getting paid one-hundred grand to travel around the world and hang out. 

She managed, however, to take some time off from making me jealous, and make this video — a vodka-drinker's guide to dating. Given her current gig, it's pretty Belvedere-centric, but still worth a watch. Especially for those of you who fancy yourself aspiring mixologists.