Watch: Alec Baldwin is upset that he can’t marry Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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Back in August, Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson made a video for Fight Back NY, a PAC that targeted the state senators who were blocking the road to marriage equality. In it, Ferguson revealed that he would be marrying his long-time crush, Alec Baldwin. (Though Baldwin didn't know it yet.)

Well, it seems like Alec Baldwin heard the news, and he's none too happy about the fact that he and Ferguson couldn't get married next year if they wanted to, and that's because of only one thing — and that thing is not Baldwin's heterosexuality. (As Baldwin says, "I hear people say this behind my back on a daily basis, 'Oh, Alec's straight.'")

Oh, Alec. I would totally marry you as a political statement! Or just for whatever reason! Think about it.

And here's Ferguson's video that started this whole thing, for reference: