Watch: Bristol Palin, Mike Sorrentino’s safe-sex PSA on how to “prevent a situation”

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Bristol Palin Pregnant

Bristol Palin was once the world's biggest, most hilariously ironic example of why abstinence-only education doesn't work. You know, back when her mother was a somewhat-viable politician, running on a militantly anti-sex-ed platform, while bragging about what a good mother she was — to her totally pregnant seventeen-year-old daughter. 

Fortunately, things change. People have babies, they go on to star on dancing TV shows, and they, hopefully, grow up to be less ridiculous than their parents. Which it seems Bristol is doing: in the PSA, she still claims she'll wait to have (more) sex until she's married, but also acknowledges that that's not for everybody. And if it's not, you know, use a condom.

Which is kind of a great message, coming from two (still thoroughly obnoxious) people: