Watch: Couple doesn’t realize Maldivian wedding official is verbally abusing them

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A Western couple vacationing in the Maldives decided to take part in what they thought was a local wedding ceremony; actually, the hotel staff was hurling invectives at them in the Dhivehi language. So, while the couple looks on beatifically at the ritual, they're actually being read sections of the penal code, told they're infidels with bastard children, and enduring cracks about the wife's breasts:

So, here's a question: if this is your wedding (or some vow renewal thing), wouldn't you want to have an interpreter or someone there to make sure you're not being accused of fucking chickens and what not? Also… I can't help but feeling like there's some iffy cultural tourism/exoticism going on here; should you really be having an Islamic wedding ceremony if you're not Islamic?

Anyway — officials in the Maldives are actually investigating this, as the tourism industry is a large part of the Maldives' economy and people might be less keen on visiting if they think they'll be accused of fucking chickens, etc. But something tells me this couple won't be returning.