Watch: founder of adultery website claims he’s saving marriages in MSNBC interview

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As evidenced in an interview with MSNBC's Martin Bashir yesterday, Noel Biderman, founder of adultery website is either really delusional or in total denial about the true impact his site is having. Biderman claims he's saving tons of marriages and preventing divorce by letting his clients conduct affairs with the kind of ease only the internet can provide. Cheaters, he claims, are noble folk. In fact, according to his estimations:

"They do love and cherish their families, the economic situation, their extended family, but what they don't cherish is what goes on or doesn't go on in the bedroom and that's what they're looking to change. They want to stay within their marriage. That's why they're pursuing an affair. If they wanted to leave, they could leave. Many people do pick up and leave, for their own selfish sexual needs. People pursuing affairs are trying to stay in their marriages."

So let me get this straight — it makes more sense to lie rather than, you know, honestly talk with your partner about how your "selfish sexual needs" aren't being met or whatever other issues are plaguing your marriage. Thanks for facilitating that, Biderman!

However, if there's one thing he's not fooling himself about, it's his earning potential.

"Infidelity crosses both genders, every socio-economic group, ethnic groups. It's a worldwide issue. So my market potential is probably larger than singles' dating sites. Are we the next billion-dollar company? I would argue so."

Given Ashley Madison's over eight-million users, who are we to argue?


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