Watch: Man uses his appearance on C-SPAN to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend

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A group of conservative writers appeared on C-SPAN 2's Book TV to discuss a book which they had all contributed to recently. One of the group, Todd Seavey, took the conversation down a strange path when he decided to get some kind of revenge on an ex by trashing her on TV. (Even if it is just C-SPAN 2.) Airing your own dirty laundry or personal issues in a professional setting in front of TV cameras when you're supposed to be talking about political theory is awkward enough, but you know what makes it more awkward? When your ex happens to be on that same panel sitting right next to you.

You, Todd Seavey, certainly have a lot of chutzpah. Also, incredibly poor judgment:

So… most interesting thing to happen on C-SPAN 2 in a while, y/y? Also, not to get all catty here, but this man's voice sounds so much like Yoda's, I really can't get over it.