Watch: Preview of the first ever Kinect sex game

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With the release of Microsoft's full-body-sensing Kinect interface for the Xbox 360 came rampant speculation about the device's suitability for sex games. Wonder no more, would-be air humpers of the internet! Judging by this video, the Kinect is perfectly suited for clumsy, uncanny-valley-tramping, polygonal-Real-Doll-fondling sex games. (Although in fairness, the first model looks a lot like this girl who used to live next door to me in college… okay, I'm buying.)

While the video is unsettling enough in this beta-release, fondling-only mode (and notice that the guy testing it had enough shame to blur out his face), we can only imagine what it'll be like when they get full-body interaction working. Film-going teenagers of the future may see far worse masturbatory humiliations than our iconic pie-fucking incident, which'll probably seem almost quaintly tactile. (Actually, some hack has probably already written this into the umpteenth direct-to-DVD American Pie sequel.) More on this as it develops.