Watch: Young Christian men tormented by lust-provoking skanks

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C.J. Mahaney is a Christian pastor and author who leads Sovereign Grace Ministries and, had he his druthers, would build a large bonfire and burn all the belly shirts he could. Because the father of three married daughters knows that men must wage a daily battle against the lust that women's immodest dress provokes in us. In fact, the Prince of Glory died so women wouldn't look like two-bit floozies. If they're showing too much skin, "even a little part of their stomach," how can you see them as sisters-in-Christ?

The following video sermon features Mahaney earnestly reading the writings of various churchgoing college students for whom campus is "a loaded minefield" of attractive, resolve-testing women. One young man advises in his testimonial:

"To the girls who are ignorant, please serve your brothers. Have your dad screen your wardrobe. Ask him how you can better choose holiness over worldliness. He's a guy, he knows more than you do on the issue."

The chauvinism here is breathtaking. These people should just move to Iran. One lady in the ministry is accorded hero status because she refused to buy a shirt that she fancied, lest the men get turned on. With summer looming, these guys are really gonna be put to the test. Of course, they can parade around in speedos, since women don't experience lust themselves. The Bible says "Be fruitful and multiply," but it doesn't say anything about admiring bikinis at the beach apparently.