Wealthy, weird gay couple treat a baby doll as their son for over twenty years

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His name is Digby. He's twenty-years-old, probably around twenty inches tall, and he's had a pretty fabulous life with his two fabulous dads, Mark Kirby and A.J. Sapolnick. And, you know, he's a doll

Ever since they found him in a Parisian flea market over two decades ago, the couple has been raising the doll, who they named "Digby" more or less as if he was their son. And his life is enough to make me a little bit jealous; he's traveled the world, taken cruises in Tahiti and climbed the pyramids. He's got a Cartier watch, a Louis Vuitton bag, and had a lavish Bar Mitzvah.

By all reports, they are a loving and more-or-less sane family, although this is an instance where you might make the argument that "charmingly eccentric" is to "rich" as "mentally ill" is to "poor." In either case, eccentric is the word. The trio almost always appears in public in bespoke suits, international costumes, and rakish ensembles of all sort. And they nearly always match. 

The story, which originally ran in iPad newspaper experiment The Daily, is a hilarious version of the "oldest-dog in the world" journalism to which the paper has dedicated itself. I'm not sure if it's a happy replacement for The New York Times. But it's undeniably fascinating. 

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