Weird misogynistic campaign speaks of the dangers of “over-educated women”

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Marie Curie

Just in time for yesterday's Women's Day, an unhinged misogynist is running amok in Canada. Fliers are popping up on the University of Waterloo's campus, posted over campaign fliers of women running for student government. These posters read "The brightest woman this Earth ever created was Marie Curie, The mother of the nuclear bomb. You tell me if the plan of women leading men is still a good idea!" Oh, the tunnel vision of true bigots. 

Afraid his message wouldn't be convincing enough (surrounded by all the calls for roommates and "chill-but-talented bassists"), the Curie-hater decided to pose as Waterloo's president and send a mass e-mail reiterating his feeling that women in power are dangerous and should be stopped, lest we risk a nuclear holocaust. Some particularly disturbing quotes from his rant:

"The truth is that over-educated women are truly dangerous. If they don't know right from wrong they will nuke the whole Planet and call it the latest fashion from Holt Renfrew."

The University president responded quickly to say he had not, in fact authored the email. If the perpetrator turns out to be a student, he or she could be expelled. But since gender isn't a protected category under Canada's hate-crime laws, the posters are not, in fact, illegal.