Keira Knightley ponders the difference between emotional and physical cheating

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Keira Knightley

In an interview with Flaunt Magazine about her upcoming movie Last Night, Keira Knightley explains the differences between emotional and physical cheating for us all. The film, featuring her and Avatar star Sam Worthington as a married couple dealing with each other's respective infidelity, fuels discussion about the distinction, if there is one. Knightley describes her mid-shoot struggles with the topic to Flaunt:

What is worse? Joanna spends the night in the arms of a man who loves her, and who she loves. He f*cks somebody else. What is worse? We had constant arguments about who was guilty and what was the worst action. Somebody said a great line: 'He tests the marriage, and she breaks it.' I don't know if I agree with that or not, but I can certainly understand it at the same time.

Knightley later talks about how she went back and forth between, confused, about which transgression was worse. Personally, I can't say I see much of a difference. I mean, not to get too literal, but physical cheating is awful because the intimacy in a relationship is so strong and being intimate with someone else stomps on that bond. To posit otherwise would seem sort of cold and cynical. So for me, all cheating is emotional and all cheating is bad.

But don't take it from me, or Keira Knightley for that matter (who has ever cheated on her?), it's all relative. Depends on who, where, and when. If Keira Knightley went out and had a snuggle with someone else, I'd probably forgive her. I mean, look at her face.