Who Would You Rather: Mad Men Edition

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With the release of the third season of Mad Men on DVD right around the corner, our favorite characters have been occupying our thoughts. While there are lots of important questions to be asked – will Don and Betty stay together? Will Joan really leave Sterling Cooper? Will Peggy continue her climb up the corporate ladder? – we'd like to put to you perhaps the most important of all: when it comes to the cast of this stylish series, who would you rather?

Don Draper or Roger Sterling?


These two have always had a mix of friendship and competition between them, and now you can decide who comes out on top: the rich, silver-haired playboy, or the brooding and mysterious advertising genius.

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Betty Draper or Joan Holloway?


Much like the "Marilyn or Jackie" question, this comes down to the two stereotypical women of the time – the beautiful, proper housewife and the vivacious and sexy single girl.

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Pete Campbell or Peggy Olson?

You might think this is an odd pairing, but hear us out: both started at Sterling Cooper at the same time, both are eager to rise up the professional ladder, and both long for the approval of Don Draper (though who wouldn't?). Which up-and-comer will you choose?

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Harry Crane or Ken Cosgrove?

Among the many sharp-suited supporting men of Sterling Cooper, these two are the stand-outs. And while Ken may be a suave, handsome account executive, Harry has his own understated, somewhat bumbling charm.

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Bobbie Barrett, Midge Daniels, or Rachel Menken?

Don Draper has his pick of beautiful women, but of all the ladies he's seduced over the seasons, these three were the most exciting. One is a successful and straightforward talent agent, one a bohemian artist, and one an heiress to a department-store chain. Each have their pros and cons, but unlike Don, you can only pick one.

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