Wives of NFL players start a club to keep their husbands from cheating on them

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Pro Football NFL players homoerotic moment

Need help keeping your professional athlete husband away from the hordes of women just waiting to sleep with him, confess, and then pose in Playboy? A group of NFL wives have started Off The Market, a company designed to nix cheating through exclusive couple events. Because, you know, just going on dates a couple plans themselves isn't enough.

The company's website and Facebook page fail to mention they're pandering to philandering athletes and their would-be jilted wives and girlfriends. Instead, they're rife with relationship advice, like these old-fashioned , tried-and-failed gems:

1. Cater to your mate's pleasures and desires, be it fried chicken or a foot massage.
2. Hold your tongue for the day and offer compliments rather than criticisms.

Some naysayers have suggested that such a service might give unfaithful athletes a chance to meet new women who are already familiar with the unique demands of the trophy wife life — and so increase cheating. It also kind of seems more like an excuse to get your husband to take you on fancy dates than a real remedy for what causes infidelity. 

It's also definitely an amazing premise for a Bravo TV show — Real Housewives meets the Pick-Up Artist meets pro-football? Cash windfall.