Woman files police complaint against massage therapist she mistakenly believed was gay

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A twenty-year-old unnamed Jersey City woman has filed a police complaint alleging sexual criminal contact, after consenting to having her breasts and buttocks massaged by a male massage therapist she mistakenly thought was gay.

Now, mind you, the thirty-year-old masseur never told the woman he was gay, she just assumed it, telling police that she believed the suspect "was of a homosexual orientation." So it wasn't an example of the well-worn cinematic trope where the guy pretends to be gay in order to get closer to the unsuspecting girl.

It happened last Tuesday at Jersey City's Club H Fitness, when the massage therapist, according to reports, asked the woman if she wanted her "glutes and breasts" massaged, indicating it was a standard practice, in the words of the alleged victim. The woman later filed charges after learning that the therapist had a girlfriend and the club manager informed her that the man's actions were improper. The suspect was arrested on Tuesday, appeared in court on Wednesday, and was released on his own recognizance, as he awaits notification of his next court date.

According to massage therapist Joel Lewis, massaging the buttocks or glutes isn't out of the ordinary, as long as the client consents. But breast massages are another animal entirely, requiring special certification. Explained Lewis, "They (massage therapists) are not allowed to touch that (breasts) unless they are certified. Whether the massage therapist is gay or straight doesn't matter." So ladies, the next time you go looking for some mammary manipulation from a gay man, even if he looks like Ricky Martin, ask to see that piece of paper.