Woman loses house, job and freedom thanks to ex-boyfriend’s revenge scheme

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Handcuffs on wrong person

I often share horror stories from the so-called "Battle of the Sexes" that feature guys as the victims because, well, they bother me the more on a personal level. But that doesn't mean I don't notice the endless horrors women are subjected to on a daily basis, courtesy of some monstrous ex-boyfriends.

Few recent stories have been as awful as the one involving Seemona Sumasar and her ex in Far Rockaway, Queens. The allegations are these: Sumasar accused the ex, Jerry Ramrattan, of raping her, his friends demanded she leave him alone and drop the charges, and then way worse things started happening.

City health and buildings inspectors would show up at her Queens restaurant to investigate anonymous complaints that she was sure were filed by the ex-boyfriend.

Then she was arrested on charges she had committed a pair of armed robberies while posing as a police officer.

Oh, and don't think it ended there, with her protestations of innocence. Sumasar subsequently spent seven months in jail, lost her business (not her job — her business) and, temporarily, custody of her twelve-year-old daughter, who had to move from Sumasar's house in Queens, which is now under foreclosure, to live with the girl's father in Brooklyn.

Scariest of all: she had an alibi and witnesses stating she was gambling in Connecticut at the time of the supposed robbery, but no one in the DA's office or police department appears to have investigated these claims.

The ex-boyfriend? He, along with some accomplices he paid to lie, has finally been arrested and charged with perjury in the robbery case.

(I'm all for anonymous tips leading to dirty restaurants being shut down, but if there's a pattern of harassment, shouldn't the cops check out where these tips are coming from in case they lead back to psychopaths like this guy?)