Woman marries man who dumped, fired and rehired her

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Florida couple dumped fired rehired boss

A Florida couple's wedding day could not have come in a more roundabout, spanning years of jobs, firings, flirting, online dating and more jobs. In the end, it seems the bride married a man who fired, flirted, dated, dumped and rehired her, all before they became an official couple. Here's the gist:

Casey O'Keefe fired Kelly Irish after he realized he no longer required her sevices thanks to a building delay at his company's nursing home. Crushed, Irish avoided O'Keefe until a year later, he was offered to her as her top match on Plenty Of Fish; reluctantly, she says, she decided to bury the hatchet with an e-mail. He responded by asking her out, flattered that someone he'd fired had enough interest in him after what he'd done.

"Well, this is a really small town and we are going to have to end up bumping into each other or one of us is going to have to move. And I've lived here longer," she said in her e-mail.

They dated and, let's say, for our purposes here, he decided not to call her after a few dates.

Months later, construction is complete and O'Keefe decides, in spite what happened in their extracurricular relationship, Irish is still the best match for the job she initially had. She agreed to take it back, but stipulated that they had to keep things platonic from then on.

One night, according to the Sun Sentinel blog (and Your Tango), he couldn't hold back any longer and called and told her something had to change, that he was still in love with her and it was killing him. She expressed the same sentiments.

They were married this past weekend.

Not saying you should date your boss…