Woman signs up for dating site, immediately receives e-mail about watersports

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Dating psycho

We've all heard the stories: your friend was resisting online dating, having heard all about the horrible dates and idiotic e-mails, but you convinced her to give it a shot. Then she gets the first e-mail and it's the most ridiculous thing she's ever read. Welcome to OK Cupid, you should say.

This e-mail, ostensibly from a woman who singed up for OK Cupid only minutes earlier, has been making the rounds of the internet today — reminding guys how bad some ladies have it in the online dating world, as they receive far more crappy e-mails than men do.

Certainly, we've all received bizarre e-mails in their time… but has anyone received something more disgusting/offensive/idiotic/ridiculous and is this even one of those e-mails? If so, please share via

OK Cupid e-mail from hell